It all started with a treadmill

15 years ago Dan Harrison, CEO of NuPath, Inc. was seeking somebody who could help him provide commercial quality fitness equipment for the people NuPath serves to exercise on. Equipment that could withstand the constant pounding and high usage they receive in the residential programs. I assisted him on providing commercial equipment that could handle it and last.  From that point I learned how amazing of an organization NuPath was. Since 2014 Rhino Staffing has partnered with NuPath and has been a supporter of the ONE NuPath way and the wonderful services it provides to people living with disabilities. This non-profit organization has made a huge difference in the lives of so many!  Their mission is to make life's journey happier, healthier and more fulfilling for people living with disabilities and a vision to create a world in which people living with disabilities live with dignity and respect. 

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...Click on the link to see how a simple treadmill made a huge difference in a young mans life.